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Innovate and Accelerate

People, processes, and technology are all key to stopping breaches.

INFOSTREAM ONE assesses, architects, creates, and continuously develops and innovates some of the most sophisticated, secure, and intelligent platforms for digital business. Our innovation, ability, and decades of experience, coupled with advanced analytics, automation, cloud computing and security, address the digital transformation challenge by managing risk and delivering excellence to stay ahead of the pace of change.


Strategic Ecosystem Partnership for


Fortinet’s Open Fabric Ecosystem is one of the largest cybersecurity ecosystems in the industry, Comprised of fabric-ready technology alliance partners, collaboration with threat-sharing organizations, and other fabric integrations. Fortinet provides integrated security solutions with the security fabric for customers to reach advanced end-to-end security across their digital infrastructure. Fortinet’s open ecosystem approach extends the benefits of the security fabric to the fabric-ready partner solutions through Fortinet-developed fabric connectors and to other partner solutions through fabric APIs and DevOps tools.


the fabric’s underlying open architecture and integration interface makes it easy and fast to integrate innovative solutions with the security fabric.

INFOSTREAM ONE is highly trained and certified on the Fortinet fabric, including networking (wired and wireless), and most important, next-generation firewalls with sd-wan.

Microsoft Azure MSP

At Infostream, we are Azure experts with a 24×7 team of cloud experts committed to your success in Azure. We combine deep Azure expertise and our cloud reliability platform (CRP) to accelerate Azure adoption, support, and ongoing optimization.

We leverage our experience by helping companies architect for scale, avoid common pitfalls, and navigate complex funding programs to accelerate migrations and prevent stalled efforts. We collaborate closely with your team to understand your unique business requirements and design a solution that will work for you as your needs evolve. Platform-driven cloud operations are our expertise, so we will architect your cloud with a deep understanding of enabling security, scale, and efficiency.

We oversee the day-to-day administration of your azure workload, so your team can focus on what is essential to your business.

Our Azure managed services provide full NOC and SOC support, with security and performance monitoring around the clock. Our managed services also provide azure cost and resource optimization, advanced security and compliance services, and full cloud migration and development with on-demand professional services.

INFOSTREAM ONE managed services combine the best-in-class security tooling, automation, and specialized compliance services to ensure your Azure environments are always secure and up to date with the latest policies for HIPPA/PIPEDA/ PCI, SOC, and other compliance standards for healthcare, finance, government, education, and retail.

Red Hat

The Red Hat® partner ecosystem is an integral part of how Red Hat® develops and delivers business and technical value to customers. It provides a community to solve customer challenges, build integrated solutions, and establish and grow deep relationships, which are all built around Red Hat®’s world-leading enterprise open-source solutions. We apply our knowledge for business outcomes with our extensive partnership and expertise.

INFOSTREAM ONE works with Red Hat® open-source to provide customers:

  • Delivered solutions and business innovation faster.
  • Build stable and flexible infrastructures that can respond to rapid change.
  • Scale systems to handle increased demand.

INFOSTREAM ONE develops open-source solutions as follows with red hat® within our dev ops and dev sec ops engineering teams to:

    • IT automation and management.
    • Increase efficiency, security, and speed.
    • Solve problems at once, in one place, and scale up. IT automation and management solutions from Red Hat® support stability and security while saving time.

INFOSTREAM ONE focus with Red Hat®

  • Red Hat® openshift
  • Red Hat® openshift® is an enterprise-ready kubernetes container platform built for an open hybrid cloud strategy. it provides a consistent application platform to manage hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge deployments.
  • Red Hat® ansible automation platform
  • Red Hat® ansible® automation platform is a foundation for building and operating automation across an organization. the platform includes all the tools needed to implement enterprise-wide automation.

INFOSTREAM ONE’s architects and developers are trained in and certified on red hat® open-source solutions, including open shift and ansible for cloud computing and automation.

Strategic Clinical Ecosystem Partners

The next wave of healthcare innovation: the evolution of ecosystems.

INFOSTREAM ONE clinical ecosystems create powerful forces that reshape and disrupt legacy clinical technologies. In healthcare, they have the potential to deliver a personalized and integrated experience to patients inside the hospital and in remote care, enhance provider productivity, engage formal and informal caregivers, and improve outcomes and affordability.

We define an ecosystem as a set of capabilities and services that integrate value chain participants (customers, suppliers, and platform and service providers) through a clinical outcomes model and virtual data backbone (enabled by seamless data capture, management, and exchange) to create improved and efficient consumer and stakeholder experiences and to solve significant pain points or inefficiencies.

Other Strategic Ecosystem Partners 

Securonix – 

Securonix delivers a next-generation security analytics and operations management platform for the modern era of big data and advanced cyber threats.

Infostream and Securonix have forged a long-term strategic relationship as the core brain for the cyber defense centre. Infostream’s knowledge and expertise are highly focused on Securonix.

Crowdstrike – a leading cloud-delivered endpoint protection platform. Powered by artificial intelligence. Independently tested & proven to stop malware & breaches. Cloud-native security.

INFOSTREAM ONE with Crowdstrike, Securonix and Servicenow, including our DevSecOps, provide automated response orchestration to mitigate any potential attack before it becomes a threat

Proofpoint – 

Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company protecting organizations’ greatest assets and biggest risks: their people.


Balbix automatically analyzes the enterprise attack surface using specialized Ai to provide a 100x more accurate view of breach risk.

  • Most data breaches happen because of known security issues that are missed and not fixed.
  • Security teams try to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities but can’t keep up!
  • Do you have an accurate inventory of assets you need to protect?
  • Where are the riskiest areas of your attack surface?
  • Can you quantify the progress you are making?

INFOSTREAM ONE enables you to address these challenges and automate your cybersecurity posture to reduce breach risk continuously vs schedule posture assessments, power of INFOSTREAM ONE and Balbix with customized integrated workflows into the cybersecurity services stack.

INFOSTREAM ONE cyber defense centre is built with technologies from Proofpoint and integrations from Infostream, focused on email security and protection, cloud security, user behaviour security correlated with Securonix

Infostream and Proofpoint have forged a long-term strategic relationship as the core brain for the cyber defense centre for the managed security services provided. INFOSTREAM ONE with Proofpoint is focused on risk-aware data security cab shares and DIP classifiers

ServiceNow – INFOSTREAM ONE is an industry-leading ecosystem partner for the cyber defense centre utilizing ITSM and ITO and integrations with our key partners. we work with Servicenow to transform your business with digital IT workflows. modernize your operations to optimize productivity, cost, and resilience with a single platform — INFOSTREAM ONE. we formulate added workflows to unite it, risk management, and security operations for the INFOSTREAM ONE platform with ServiceNow.

Hashicorp – Hashicorp believes infrastructure enables innovation and helps organizations operate that infrastructure in the cloud. integrated with INFOSTREAM ONE to deliver applications faster by helping transition from manual processes and ITIL best practices to self-service automation and DevOps practices.

Infrastructure Automation, automated provisioning, compliance and management of cloud infrastructure using a common workflow.

  • Security Automation
  • Vaulting
  • Network Automation
  • Explore Vault
  • Application Automation
  • Networking Automation

INFOSTREAM ONE’s architects and developers are trained and certified on Hashicorp solutions and focused on automation.

OKTA – our zero trust identity partner for instream one cyber defense centre, our managed security services in our cyber defense stack


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