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We take bold actions and are all-in to deliver our commitments. We empower our team to go beyond and deliver great value to our customers and ecosystems partners.

About us

Why Infostream?

With over 250 years of combined executive management experience and 500 years of deep proven technical experience, Infostream develops solutions for your needs.

  • Infostream is a leader in Managed Threat Intelligence Security Operations (MTI), delivering a premier cloud-native Managed Threat Intelligence Platform (MTIP) designed to lower cyber risk quotient across all platforms.

  • Infostream's MTIP is powered by global threat Intelligence feeds, artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, orchestration, and automation. 

  • Infostream brings unmatched speed and scalability at hunting, responding, prioritizing, and remediating threats faster than traditional legacy security providers.

  • Infostream data-driven security operations prioritize, automate & collaborate with a purpose-built platform for threat detection, response, and remediation.

1. Leading Digital Transformations Solutions (DTS) for the Transition From Premise Based Solutions to Hybrid to Fully Cloud.

2. Modernization of Infrastructure and Applications to Deliver Phased DTS.

3. Is Our Platform Simplifying the Adoption Modernized Infrastructure and Applications Across Multi Cloud Environments.

4. Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services, Security Operations Centre With Managed Detection Including Response, Threat Hunting and Incident Response.

5. Communications Sets the Foundation for a Safe and Secure Collaboration Environment to Allow Meeting , Calling, Messaging and Sharing Across Hybrid Working Environments.

6. Industry Focus Includes Local, Provincial, State and Federal Public Sector Organizations, Energy and Utility Companies, Financial and Insurance Services, Commercial and Enterprise Businesses, Digital Clinical Care and Telecom, and Media and Entertainment Companies.

What makes us different

Threat Intelligence Platform


Threat Intelligence Centre

Managed Threat Intelligence Services

Our Ecosystem Partners, and Our Integrations and Development

Our People & Experience

Solutions and Services

InfostreamOne and our Six Pillars of Solutions and Services

Pillar One


Infostream’s cyber defence managed security services unifies the technologies and processes required to successfully stop breaches, including next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, IT hygiene, 24/7 threat hunting, and threat intelligence. We are your ONE PLATFORM powering AGGREGATION INGESTION empowering CYBERSECURITY, DEV and SEC OPS with OBSERVABILITY. our services are on-premise, hybrid, cloud, fully managed and delivered with ISO27001 standards and CSIS level 2 clearance.

Pillar Two


Infostream’s DevSecOps reduces your risk and gives you peace of mind. Software has taken the world by storm. New technology and apps multiply security concerns exponentially. By embracing a DevSecops mindset, organizations can take advantage of these technological advances without putting themselves or their customers at risk.

Pillar Three

Cloud & Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is impossible without the cloud. By transitioning functions to the cloud, it is free to focus more on your business-differentiating initiatives and innovations. Throughout the transition, your business will experience stability, scalability, reduced costs, flexibility, and other key benefits that unburden your organization in countless areas.

Pillar Four

Data Integration

We simplify modern software development. imagine a new software universe where implementing software changes goes from 6 to 8 weeks to 6 to 8 minutes. At Infostream, we build modern, integrated software apps and data solutions. We successfully merge the worlds of Microsoft and open source to bring powerful business solutions to organizations everywhere.

Pillar Five

Connectivity & Collaboration

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) is the best way to improve workforce productivity and reduce operational costs on your office phone system. UC synchronizes your on-hand technology and makes it a seamless platform that laces your communication capabilities exactly how you want your business to operate.

Pillar Six

Next Gen - Managed Security Services Provider

Infostream’s cyber defence managed security services unifies the technologies and processes required to successfully stop breaches, including next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, IT hygiene, 24/7 threat hunting, and threat intelligence.


Industries we serve

Public Sector - Local, Provincial, State and Federal

Public sector organizations at all levels of government are increasingly held to similar standards as private sector businesses. From client services to accountability, they must deliver the same speed, accuracy and experience as any other organization. A service level that digital transformation makes easy.

Energy and Utilities

With the advent of smart grids and other technologies, energy and utility production and delivery are transitioning as quickly and extensively as any sector. The digital transformation must adhere to local, national and international standards to maintain interoperability. The only way to keep up is with robust, secure and scalable digital transformation.

Financial and Insurance - Cloud & Cybersecurity

Security has always been key to everything a financial and insurance services company does. however, the pace of increasing standards for data security, accounting practices and other compliances continues to increase. Your digital transformation must bring seamless scalability and maximum security, without sacrificing speed and convenience.

Commercial and Enterprise Digital Transformation

It is easy to forecast the benefits of digital transformation for commercial and enterprise organizations. It is also easy to forecast the cost that any interruption to operations can incur. You positively need digital transformation, but you also need it to be seamless, highly available, scalable and secure. We have you covered.

Digital and Connected Health

No other sector has more to gain from digital transformation. Infostream maintains an in-house Advanced Clinical Technology Group – ACTG. They are informed and led by doctors, registered nurses and clinical experts who configure and manage digital transformation that optimizes healthcare delivery for caregivers and patients alike.

Telecom, Media and Entertainment - TME

As telecom, media and entertainment organizations continue to merge, integration at every level of the organization is key. Whether it is staffing, capacity or technology, the smoother, faster and safer your integration, the further ahead of the competition you go. Effective digital transformation can smooth all your other integrations.

Strategic Ecosystem Partners


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What’s the best thing about working at Infostream? Easy: the people. We are curious, intelligent, driven to find purpose in our work. We build solutions that help propel organizations, and we love doing it together.


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